Oxytocin nasal spray helps couples to communicate

A new study, published in the current issue of Biological Psychiatry, suggests that Oxytocin may help make it easier for couples to discuss difficult issues. The couples who took part in the Swiss based study were given oxytocin nasal spray or a placebo spray before having a ‘conflict discussion’ in the laboratory.  Those couples who had received the oxytocin were found to communicate more positively and had lower stress levels.

According to Beate Ditzen, the author of the study,

“[Oxytocin] might help us to pronounce the effects of standard treatment, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, by possibly making the benefits of social interaction more accessible to the individual. But it probably will not replace these standard treatments.” 

Where can I buy oxytocin spray?

Where can I buy oxytocin spray?  A question I get asked more and more each day.  The media has been full of articles and news stories recently, detailing the many amazing claims of doctors, academics and researchers over the myriad possibly miraculous benefits of oxytocin.  The ‘cuddle hormone’ oxytocin,  linked primarily with the ‘bonding’ emotions such as trust and affection, has been touted as a possible cure for social anxiety and shyness, relationship and sexual problems, even as a medical treatment for such serious handicaps as autism. 

Yet oxytocin products are still not available on the shelves of your high street pharmacy or drug store.  One reason for this is that it is difficult for oxytocin to enter and then persist in a person’s bloodstream long enough to reach the brain where it can begin to work it’s magic.  Take it in drug form and the enzymes of the digestive system quickly render it ineffective.  Injecting it directly into the bloodstream has been the preferred option thus far when it comes to the medical application of oxytocin, but current research is increasingly focused on developing oxytocin therapeutic products in the form of nasal sprays.  This is simply because it has been found that inhaling oxytocin is the most effective and quickest route for it to take in order to hit the brain.

We probably won’t be seeing oxytocin drugs anytime soon, but we might well be seeing queues forming for oxytocin sprays in the very near future.  With all the media attention over the exciting research findings constantly being made regarding the hormone, there will likely be a coming scramble among pharmaceutical companies to produce and market oxytocin sprays for both the general public and as alternative treatments for what have been up-to-now barely treatable conditions such as autism spectrum disorders.

As I write, there is only one company that has got a head start on all the others and is already actively marketing an oxytocin based spray as a means of improving one’s social and business interactions with other people.  Vero Labs, an American company, are the producers of Liquid Trust Spray, an oxytocin based spray (intended to be worn, not directly inhaled by the user) that is reported to make others more trusting as well as oneself more confident.  I have used Liquid Trust Spray myself and can honestly say that whilst wearing it I have indeed noticed that others are more relaxed and warmer when meeting me for the first time as well as myself being far less inhibited and anxious when talking to strangers (I have suffered from social anxiety most of my life).

If you want to judge for yourself and try the world’s first commercially marketed application of oxytocin then you can buy oxytocin spray – ‘Liquid Trust’ here or via clicking the banner below.  The standard bottle that Vero Labs are selling lasts a good month even if you are using it every day, so you will certainly have enough to give it a fair go.

Any readers of this blog who do, or have already, given Liquid Trust a try, please leave some feeback below as to your experience of using it so that others might form an idea of its effectiveness.

Oxytocin Reduces Stress Hormones In Arguing Couples

More evidence of the role that Oxytocin plays in regulating social behaviour has been uncovered by researchers at the University of Zurich.  By giving a dose of the hormone Oxytocin to arguing couples via a nasal spray, they found that the stress hormone Cortisol would be reduced and that conflict levels were less than in those couples merely given a placebo.

Click to read the full story about Oxytocin nasal sprays reducing stress.

Liquid Trust – The Only Oxytocin Spray to Buy?

YouTube video giving a useful summary as to the Swiss research linking Oxytocin with increased trust and its marketing use as a buy online ‘liquid trust’ oxytocin spray.

Liquid Trust is an oxytocin spray designed to be worn like a perfume.  In this way, not only will you gain confidence by breathing in the oxytocin, those you meet will inhale the spray too, something that, in theory, should lead them to be more trusting and positive towards you.