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For men wanting to improve their attraction to the opposite sex, there is now a product on the market that combines both oxytocin AND natural pheromones in one powerful spray. Attrakt for Men is the most potent sexual attraction enhancer ever developed! Not a nasal spray, but designed to be sprayed on the wearers body like a scent, the combination of oxytocin and pheromones will subconsciously increase your attractiveness to women.

Attrakt for Him - Oxytocin Spray wtih Pheromones!

Many scientific studies have now confirmed the powerful role that oxytocin plays in all aspects of our social lives, including our romantic and sexual relationships. Oxytocin builds respect, trust, and even attractiveness. Pheromones are naturally produced chemical compounds that, somewhat similar to the hormone oxytocin, subconsciously make us appear more attractive to the opposite sex. This is the first time that the love hormone oxytocin and the most powerful pheromones have been combined together in a spray designed to attract women.

CONNEKT – Oxytocin Spray for Men or Women

Connekt Enhance relationships and strengthen bonds

There is now a brand new oxytocin nasal spray for men and women that finally fully harnesses the latest technology and research into the miracle molecule oxytocin. With CONNEKT you will utilize the power of this remarkable social bonding hormone to improve your confidence, career, and your personal relationships. CONNEKT also comes in special formulas tailored to men and women respectively that add the power of pheromones to the oxytocin to produce two amazingly effective attraction sprays. Click on the banner above to visit the CONNEKT home page and discover more information.

Oxytocin Nasal Spay May Treat Anorexia

A small study carried out by researchers in the UK and South Korea has been seized on by the media as evidence that oxytocin nasal spray could even be used as a treatment for anorexia, alongside other possible medical uses such as the treatment of autism.

However, the official website of the British NHS (national health service) urges caution. Although the study appeared to find that oxytocin nasal spray did have an effect in reducing powerful emotional responses to body image and food, it is far too early to say whether long term effects would be sufficient to form the basis of a new treatment for a complex psychological illness such as anorexia.

This story involved the media’s favourite hormone, oxytocin which, depending on what pop-science source you read, has been dubbed as the “love”, “cuddle” or “kissing” hormone, as it is associated with intense emotions (both positive and negative).

The study found that 31 South Korean women with anorexia given an intranasal spray containing the hormone oxytocin paid less attention to images of food and fatter body shapes, but not to other weight-related images, 45 minutes later. Oxytocin had no effect on how much fruit juice the women could drink at the end of the study.

It is at best unclear whether these short term effects would lead to any improvement in the symptoms of anorexia. The results also may not be indicative of what would be found in a more diverse and larger group of people with anorexia.

This is far from convincing evidence that oxytocin could offer a treatment or “cure” for anorexia as implied by the headlines.


How Oxytocin Can Help You

Dr Tommy Tacker explains the many ways that oxytocin can help you in your life. Oxytocin is a hormone that is produced naturally within the body through a variety of methods. Oxytocin benefits our bodies in a myriad of ways. Oxytocin has anti-anxiety effects by reducing the stress hormone cortisol, and reduces our blood pressure. Oxytocin improves sleep and promotes feelings of well-being. Oxytocin boosts our immune system and enhances sexual intimacy. Promising research is being done on the benefits of oxytocin for autism, schizophrenia, drug addictions, and fibromyalgia, just to new a few of its possible uses.

Video produced by Oxytocin Factor

Oxytocin may increase social prejudice and racism

As scientists take an ever more closer interest into the workings and effects of oxytocin, it was inevitable that a ‘darker side’ of the supposed love hormone would emerge.  A new study appears to have confirmed earlier research which suggested that oxytocin might increase the ‘in-group/out-group’ mentality.  This time, the researchers looked at the effect that oxytocin might have on a very ancient and disturbing human form of the trait – racism.  Using the implicit association psychological test, the Dutch research team found that their countrymen were more likely to associate both Germans and muslims with negative words if they had taken a dose of oxytocin spray, rather than a placebo.

Writing in the New York Times, Nicholas Wade put it as follows :

As oxytocin comes into sharper focus, its social radius of action turns out to have definite limits. The love and trust it promotes are not toward the world in general, just toward a person’s in-group. Oxytocin turns out to be the hormone of the clan, not of universal brotherhood. Psychologists trying to specify its role have now concluded it is the agent of ethnocentrism.

You can read an excellent interpretation of the study’s results here.

Oxytocin Nasal Spray as Cure for Shyness

Oxytocin spray could be used to treat people with shyness, autism, and other social functioning deficits according to a new study.  Researchers from Israel and New York gave a group of 27 healthy men doses of oxytocin nasal spray and then asked them to peform ’emphatic accuracy tests’.  Those men who were shy or who had poor social functioning skills found that the spray improved their ability to recognise emotion in others.

Having been diagnosed with autism at 5 years of age, and subsequently suffered from acute shyness since my teens, I have found Liquid Trust’s Oxytocin Spray to be a Godsend.  From being awkward and nervous I have become somebody who has no fear in even approaching beautiful woman.  I worry less what they will think of me, as I know from repeated experience that I will be able to talk confidently and gain a positive reaction.  I trust myself, and they trust me.

Applying the spray is easy too.  Rather than having to inhale it directly in your own nose, you simply spray it on your shoulder and neck, so that both yourself and others can inhale it.

You can learn more about LiquidTrust Oxytocin Spray Here

Oyxtocin raised by social networking

Paul Zak, a university professor and popular ‘neuroeconominist’, has claimed to have found that oxytocin levels are raised by using social networking sites such as Twitter – just as they are in real face-to-face relationships.

The experiment was performed on one person only, but if accepted does appear to have implications both for understanding how oxytocin is triggered in human relationships and also in taking seriously the idea that online networking is just as ‘real’ as offline human interaction.

In a sense, social networking is undeniably safer and more controlled than that in the real world – you can easily block unwanted contacts for example.  Therefore, it shouldn’t be altogether surprising that the ‘trust hormone’ is easily switched on when interacting online.

Oxytocin’s double edged sword

Whilst the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin has been well documented to promote bonding and trust between people, a new study suggests that it may also play a role in the ‘in-group/out-group’ mentality that reaches it’s sharpest focus on the battle field.  Researchers at the University of Amsterdam have found that volunteers given oxytocin nasal spray bonded and became much more protective of people seen as belonging to their own group, but grew far more hostile and aggressive to those perceived as outsiders.

Dr Carsten De Dreu, of the University of Amsterdam, said that the phenomenon was known as “parochial altruism” or “tend and defend”.

This meant that boosted levels of oxytocin produced “in-group love” and “out-group aggression”, he said.

Dr De Dreu, who published the findings in Science, said: “Oxytocin is a double edged sword. It makes you kinder to your group but more aggressive to those outside.”

Source : Love Hormone Oxytocin helps soldiers like each other and hate the enemy

Oxytocin Nasal Spray gives hope to autistic

Exciting news came this weekend with the announcement of the strongest research findings yet linking oxytocin nasal spray and the relief of autistic symptoms.  After receiving oxytocin via nasal spray, a group of autistic patients become more social and open, according to Elissar Andri, of the French government center for neuroscience research.

Scientists have found that some symptoms of autism can be alleviated by a nasal spray containing oxytocin, the “bonding” hormone.  People with autism who inhaled the spray altered their behaviour temporarily, becoming more sociable and trusting.

Source : Nasal spray gives hope on autism

Although pharmaceutical oxytocin spray may be some years away, as somebody who has been diagnosed with asperger’s syndrome, I can give you my anecdotal experience with ‘Liquid Trust’ oxytocin nasal spray – a commerical oxytocin spray marketed as a product that leads others to trust you more readily.  I first bought Liquid Trust because I had read about oxytocin and the research linking it to the ability to socialize, trust, and bond with others.  As this is something I have always had problems with  then I thought that this might be worth a go, having already tried a variety of largely unsuccessful medical treatments ranging from seroxat to cognitive therapy.  I can honestly say that Liquid Trust has worked better than any previous treatment and when using it, I genuinely do feel more open, sociable,  communicative, and trusting of others.  And other people do seem to be more trusting and relaxed in my company – I don’t know whether this is because I am more relaxed and sociable or because they too are inhaling the oxytocin spray (as the makers of Liquid Trust intend).

If you are thinking about trying this oxytocin spray as a means of alleviating the symptoms of aspergers syndrome or other social cognitive problem such as social anxiety, bear in mind that Liquid Trust is not intended to be inhaled directly but rather worn like a perfume (although the spray is odourless).

You can order Liquid Trust Oxytocin Spray from the official website here.

Oxytocin nasal spray combats cystitis

The Daily Mail reports that researchers are using oxytocin nasal spray to treat women with interstitial cystitis, or chronic inflammation of the bladder wall.  The trial is based on the observation that breast feeding women (who have naturally raised levels of oxytocin) often have cystitis symptoms reduced.  Those behind the trial at the University of Alabama believe that oxytocin has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.