Oxytocin Pheromone Spray for Him – Attrakt

For men wanting to improve their attraction to the opposite sex, there is now a product on the market that combines both oxytocin AND natural pheromones in one powerful spray. Attrakt for Men is the most potent sexual attraction enhancer ever developed! Not a nasal spray, but designed to be sprayed on the wearers body like a scent, the combination of oxytocin and pheromones will subconsciously increase your attractiveness to women.

Attrakt for Him - Oxytocin Spray wtih Pheromones!

Many scientific studies have now confirmed the powerful role that oxytocin plays in all aspects of our social lives, including our romantic and sexual relationships. Oxytocin builds respect, trust, and even attractiveness. Pheromones are naturally produced chemical compounds that, somewhat similar to the hormone oxytocin, subconsciously make us appear more attractive to the opposite sex. This is the first time that the love hormone oxytocin and the most powerful pheromones have been combined together in a spray designed to attract women.