Oxytocin Nasal Spray as Cure for Shyness

Oxytocin spray could be used to treat people with shyness, autism, and other social functioning deficits according to a new study.  Researchers from Israel and New York gave a group of 27 healthy men doses of oxytocin nasal spray and then asked them to peform ’emphatic accuracy tests’.  Those men who were shy or who had poor social functioning skills found that the spray improved their ability to recognise emotion in others.

Having been diagnosed with autism at 5 years of age, and subsequently suffered from acute shyness since my teens, I have found Liquid Trust’s Oxytocin Spray to be a Godsend.  From being awkward and nervous I have become somebody who has no fear in even approaching beautiful woman.  I worry less what they will think of me, as I know from repeated experience that I will be able to talk confidently and gain a positive reaction.  I trust myself, and they trust me.

Applying the spray is easy too.  Rather than having to inhale it directly in your own nose, you simply spray it on your shoulder and neck, so that both yourself and others can inhale it.

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Oxytocin Nasal Spray gives hope to autistic

Exciting news came this weekend with the announcement of the strongest research findings yet linking oxytocin nasal spray and the relief of autistic symptoms.  After receiving oxytocin via nasal spray, a group of autistic patients become more social and open, according to Elissar Andri, of the French government center for neuroscience research.

Scientists have found that some symptoms of autism can be alleviated by a nasal spray containing oxytocin, the “bonding” hormone.  People with autism who inhaled the spray altered their behaviour temporarily, becoming more sociable and trusting.

Source : Nasal spray gives hope on autism

Although pharmaceutical oxytocin spray may be some years away, as somebody who has been diagnosed with asperger’s syndrome, I can give you my anecdotal experience with ‘Liquid Trust’ oxytocin nasal spray – a commerical oxytocin spray marketed as a product that leads others to trust you more readily.  I first bought Liquid Trust because I had read about oxytocin and the research linking it to the ability to socialize, trust, and bond with others.  As this is something I have always had problems with  then I thought that this might be worth a go, having already tried a variety of largely unsuccessful medical treatments ranging from seroxat to cognitive therapy.  I can honestly say that Liquid Trust has worked better than any previous treatment and when using it, I genuinely do feel more open, sociable,  communicative, and trusting of others.  And other people do seem to be more trusting and relaxed in my company – I don’t know whether this is because I am more relaxed and sociable or because they too are inhaling the oxytocin spray (as the makers of Liquid Trust intend).

If you are thinking about trying this oxytocin spray as a means of alleviating the symptoms of aspergers syndrome or other social cognitive problem such as social anxiety, bear in mind that Liquid Trust is not intended to be inhaled directly but rather worn like a perfume (although the spray is odourless).

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Oxytocin Nasal Spray for Love and Romance

love-oxytocin-sprayLiquid Trust are currently running a promotion on their ‘Enhanced Oxytocin Spray’ product.  Combining powerful male pheromones with the scientifically validated effects of oxytocin, this must be the most powerful ‘love spray’ on the market.  Just what any man needs with Valentines Day coming up!

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Expert says nasal squirt of oxytocin enhances trust

In an article posted in February for the esteemed science journal ‘Nature’, Dr Larry Young, an expert on the effects of oxytocin on the brain wrote the following :

Experiments have shown that a nasal squirt of oxytocin enhances trust and tunes people into others’ emotions….Internet entrepreneurs are already marketing products such as Enhanced Liquid Trust, a cologne-like mixture of oxytocin and pheromones ‘designed to boost the dating and relationship area of your life’.

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Oxytocin Nasal Spray Special Offer

Currently, the only oxytocin spray available to purchase online is Liquid Trust.  For a short time, the makers of Liquid Trust are running a number of special offers for you to buy their oxytocin product at a much reduced rate. 

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Scientist sees Oxytocin nasal sprays as love potions

A leading neuroscientist has predicted that research on the effects of Oxytocin will lead to the development of love potions  in the near future.   Pointing to growing evidence of the role that the hormone plays in producing feelings of empathy and in social bonding, Dr Larry Young claims that oxytocin nasal sprays will soon be available to couples to assist in maintaining a loving relationship, as well as to treat interpersonal relationship disorders such as autism.

“I don’t think that it’s overstating it,” Dr. Young said. “As we know more about the chemistry…. I think it is very likely that we’ll be able to tweak our emotions, like love, through neurochemistry. We already tweak our consciousness with lots of other things: alcohol, drugs. If we could get the right mixture, we could enhance love, or turn it off.”

Dr. Young added a note of caution – if a chemical like Oxytocin can switch love on, another chemical could equally turn it off.

Liquid Trust – The Only Oxytocin Spray to Buy?

YouTube video giving a useful summary as to the Swiss research linking Oxytocin with increased trust and its marketing use as a buy online ‘liquid trust’ oxytocin spray.

Liquid Trust is an oxytocin spray designed to be worn like a perfume.  In this way, not only will you gain confidence by breathing in the oxytocin, those you meet will inhale the spray too, something that, in theory, should lead them to be more trusting and positive towards you.