Oxytocin could make you live longer?

A study carried out by the University of Michigan found that caregivers tended to have increased life expectancy.  What is interesting about this study is that the results have been interpreted as indicating that the physiological benefits associated with caregiving bring are responsible for the increase and that those physiological benefits are caused by an increase in oxytocin.

Brown believes that the decreased risk of death comes from physiological benefits from caregiving instead of psychological ones. The authors suggest that stress regulation may play a role in this benefit. Helping others is associated with a release of oxytocin, a hormone that may help buffer the effects of stress, Brown explained.

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Oxytocin Reduces Stress Hormones In Arguing Couples

More evidence of the role that Oxytocin plays in regulating social behaviour has been uncovered by researchers at the University of Zurich.  By giving a dose of the hormone Oxytocin to arguing couples via a nasal spray, they found that the stress hormone Cortisol would be reduced and that conflict levels were less than in those couples merely given a placebo.

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