Oxytocin Nasal Spray as Cure for Shyness

Oxytocin spray could be used to treat people with shyness, autism, and other social functioning deficits according to a new study.  Researchers from Israel and New York gave a group of 27 healthy men doses of oxytocin nasal spray and then asked them to peform ’emphatic accuracy tests’.  Those men who were shy or who had poor social functioning skills found that the spray improved their ability to recognise emotion in others.

Having been diagnosed with autism at 5 years of age, and subsequently suffered from acute shyness since my teens, I have found Liquid Trust’s Oxytocin Spray to be a Godsend.  From being awkward and nervous I have become somebody who has no fear in even approaching beautiful woman.  I worry less what they will think of me, as I know from repeated experience that I will be able to talk confidently and gain a positive reaction.  I trust myself, and they trust me.

Applying the spray is easy too.  Rather than having to inhale it directly in your own nose, you simply spray it on your shoulder and neck, so that both yourself and others can inhale it.

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