Scientist sees Oxytocin nasal sprays as love potions

A leading neuroscientist has predicted that research on the effects of Oxytocin will lead to the development of love potions  in the near future.   Pointing to growing evidence of the role that the hormone plays in producing feelings of empathy and in social bonding, Dr Larry Young claims that oxytocin nasal sprays will soon be available to couples to assist in maintaining a loving relationship, as well as to treat interpersonal relationship disorders such as autism.

“I don’t think that it’s overstating it,” Dr. Young said. “As we know more about the chemistry…. I think it is very likely that we’ll be able to tweak our emotions, like love, through neurochemistry. We already tweak our consciousness with lots of other things: alcohol, drugs. If we could get the right mixture, we could enhance love, or turn it off.”

Dr. Young added a note of caution – if a chemical like Oxytocin can switch love on, another chemical could equally turn it off.