Oxytocin and the science of falling in love

Scientific investigation into the mystery of love might for some be analysing the rainbow to an uncomfortable extent, but for some researchers, the process of falling (and staying) in love, is as facinating and explorable as any other human phenomenon.  Oregon scientist Larry Sherman has studied the neurological changes and hormone releases that love triggers (or should that be triggers love?) and, surprise surprise, he has found Oxytocin to be amongst the chief culprits!  Primarily, it is beginning to appear that Oxytocin, ‘the love hormone’, gives us the urge to stay in love, to be committed to a particular partner.

“So could we make a love potion that makes you only monogamous, right?” asks Sherman.

Readers of this blog will be amongst the first to learn when it will be hitting the shelves..stay tuned Mrs Clinton!